Chrome Backpacks

What began decades ago as the go-to bike messenger bag with an iconic seatbelt buckle, has evolved into a brand that lives at the intersection of movement and self-expression. And it was our job to reflect this progression by creating a brand world that appeals to a wider audience while staying true to their heritage. We set out to ensure the rebrand reflects this sense of movement and exploration Chrome stands for. You Can’t Go Wrong

Booking a stay can feel like a life or death situation, one filled with the kind of drama found in a high-stakes hacking moment or desert-trip-gone-awry usually reserved for the big screen. Luckily, with, it doesn’t have to . So leave your fingerless gloves at home, because you can’t go wrong with 

Partner: Divya Seshadri


Domino’s Dinner & a Movie

Domino’s has a new partnership with EPIX Now, so not only does each delivery come with everyone’s favorite pizza and cheesy bread, each delivery comes with entertainment. So we thought, what better way to advertise this than putting a Domino’s delivery driver in the most trope-y, most recognizable movie scenes? (Full transparency, this was an elaborate excuse to write an explosion) 

Creative Directors: D’arcy O’Neill & Kelly McCormick Partners: Dylan Cimo, Kim McDonald


Fruit of the Loom Holiday 2020

Let’s face it, getting socks for the holidays every single year can get a bit old. But after an unexpected year like 2020, maybe the best gift we can ask for is one that we always expect. That’s why for this year’s Fruit of the Loom holiday campaign, we treated socks and sweatshirts like the star gifts they’re totally going to be this year. And star gifts usually get a very specific kind of advertising. 

Creative Director: Alex Rice
Partner: Mike Murphy


American Heart Association Masterbrand

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that we spend more time scrolling and watching YouTube than exercising. The American Heart Association sees this as a problem. As do we. So we decided we would target people right where they were, in the middle of a YouTube binge, and create a series of videos mimicking the videos they love so much, all so we could say “Made You Move.” 

Creative Director: Jason Pierce
Associate Creative Director: Robyn Tenenbaum
Partner: Sara Gomez