My name is Annie, which is long for Anna.

My father, Vince, is the “most hated man in wrestling.” 

I’m a gemini, so I’m a lot. Here’s a list of my extremely passionate likes and dislikes.


  • The thrift store
  • My gigantic cat, Maurice
  • Vanderpump Rules
  • Iced oat milk lattes
  • Candles over $30
  • Asserting I’m Gen Z, not a millennial
  • Joan Didion
  • Gin & tonics
  • The John Wick Cinematic Universe
  • Rollerblading


  • Puns
  • Gender reveal parties
  • Friends (TV show)
  • My food touching
  • Couples who work out together
  • Being called a millennial
  • Minimalism
  • When Instagram ads work on me